Size Guide



Please take the mesures like on the pic and you will find the best size for your wig. For example if you find 23 cm, you know you have to choose the size 8.9" or 9.10" (for some dolls). If you don't find your doll in this list, please contact us, we will uptade it each time with new dolls.

3.5" (7-8 cm) Lati White & White SP, RealPuki, PukiPuki, Sleeping Elf Mistletoe,

4" (8-9 cm) Barbie, Fashion Royalty, Doll Chateau's Ada deer, Circus Kane Starr, PukiPuki,

4.5" (9-11 cm) Doll Chateau Beatrice, Avant-Guard, Ficon Dolls,

5/6" (12-15 cm) Stodoll, OB11, Obitsu 11, Meadowdolls Twinkle (Nicola, Gigi...), Sybarite, Kingdom Dolls, Pukifee, Mini Planet Dolls, Circus Kane Soda Bunny, Lati Yellow, Sybarite, Ten Ping dolls, Darak, Irrealdoll’s “Engendritos” line (Enyo, Dryo, Ery, Ino... ), Raccoon Doll, Luts Dolls (tiny 16 - 20 cm), Ardyn Tweens (Meadowdolls) with the holder or with velcro.

6/7" (15-18 cm) Ardyn Tweens (Meadowdolls), Doll Chateau Alma, Doll Chateau Faust, Little Fee Ante, Unoa, SoulDoll Flett, Ciao Bella Bambicrony, Circus Kane Sidone,

7/8" (18- 20 cm) Little Darling dolls, Bobobie Ariel and Espree, Lati Green, most Souldoll Kids, Peakswoods Lady Bee, DIM Miru, Shiny Doll Meefa, Doll Chateau Bella, DIMdoll Youra, Circus Kane Nexeven, Hujoo, Planet Doll Riz, DIM Flowne elf, Doll Chateau Verna, Circus Kane Humpty, Ana Salvador Lucy, Dollmore Dolls,

8/9" (20-23 cm) Meadowdolls 12" Dumpling Dolls (Saffi, Patti, Bailey, Gigi...), Pullip, Mui Chan, Middie Blythe, Kaye Wiggs Layla, Kaye Wiggs Nelly, Kim Lasher MSD elf, most Soul Doll Double girls, Lierre, Connie Lowe's Sprocket Meek, Kaye Wiggs Layla, DIMdoll Aria, Soul Doll Hye, Circus Kane Mystery elf, Circus Kane Humpty, Circus Kane Lou, Circus Kane Lemur, Ruby by Liz Frost, Ana Salvador Lucy, , Graceyln, Peakswoods Goldie, Dal, Byul, Kaye Wiggs Nelly and Layla in some stretchy wigs, Twigling Ingene, Shiny Doll Eeffee, DIM Trisha, Dollmore Lukia, Dear Doll, Irrealdolls (47 cm), Paola Reina...

9/10" (23-25) DIM Kassia, most Dollstown girls 1/3 size, Blythe, Pullip,

10/11" (25-28 cm) Blythe, Meadowdolls MAE doll,

11/12" (28-30 cm) Linda Macario Iris, Charles Creature Cabinet Fila Moon, Circus Kane Stadnik

12/13" (30-33 cm) Meadowdolls 18" Big dolls (Big Saffi, Bailey, Sylvia Scarlett). American Girl ...


6 mm : Lati White & White SP, RealPuki, Irrealdoll’s “Engendritos” line (Enyo, Dryo, Ery, Ino... ),

8 mm : Meadowdolls Twinkle Dolls, Lati White & White SP, Real Puki, PukiPuki, Raccoon Doll,

10 mm : Ardyn Tweens (Meadowdolls), Stodoll, OB11, Pukifee, Lati Yellow (Small eyes like Cookie, Byrul ...), Irrealdolls (47 cm).

12 mm : Meadowdolls 12" Dolls Ardyn Tweens (Taille d'origine mais un peu grand), Lati Yellow (Lea, Haru, Miel ...), Dollmore dolls, Luts Dolls (tiny 16 - 20 cm)

14 mm : Lati Yellow (With large eyes such as Suji, Sophie, Sunny ...), Dollmore dolls, Irreal dolls (tiny), Dear Doll, Luts Dolls (tiny 16 - 20 cm).

16 mm : Meadowdolls (MAE & AYA)

18 mm : Meadowdolls 18" Dolls (Big Bailey, Big Saffi, Sylvia Scarlett ...).